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Fronnie LeBlanc

Fronnie LeBlanc -I have been married to my husband John for 56 years and we have 4 children. I began painting in 1974 after a personal encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ. God opened my eyes to see his beautiful creation for the first time and I was inspired to paint what I saw. I have taken several lessons from different artists, however, God is my greatest teacher since He is the Master Artist and whatever talent or ability I have as an artist comes from Him. 

Deborah Mahan

Deborah Mahan - I am inspired by the Holy Spirit to develop and design works to appeal to the spirit, to rekindle a kind of youthful hopefulness and joy that we feel when we believe that all things are possible. I have been categorized as an abstract realist and as an expressionist. When I work from a photograph, initial idea or drawing, it is always a jumping off point for my painting and sculpture, as I work intuitively and spontaneously, with my colors and past experiences. 

Wanda Mitchell

Wanda Mitchell- In 1982 is when my excursion into the art world began. My Aunt was a painter and like to sit on the back glass enclosed patio and paint. One day she and a painting buddy of hers were painting and they were having fun. They were having too much fun for me to be left out. I joined in, although I knew nothing of painting, but wanted to try. In painting by myself in my studio and with teachers in instructional classes, I have formed my own style of realism and gained a lot of helpful information to further my painting journey.

Dana Mouton

Dana Mouton is a self-taught artist, who lives in Southeast Texas and has been interested in art most of her life. Dana has a unique approach to life expressed through her art. She loves abstract art and is fascinated by the power of color. God has blessed Dana with a special eye to see a message and put it into “A World of Color”. Dana believes that God is the greatest Artist of all time because life is art in motion. She gives Him all the honor and glory for the talents and gifts He has given to her.

Shirley Peel

Shirley Peel has painted and taught for 40 plus years. Her first preference is oils but she is very knowledgeable in pastels, acrylic, pencil, and watercolor. Her teaching included the inmates at the Stile Unit, where she taught for about 5 years. Portraits and still-life bubbling with vibrate colors has always been her favorite subject matter. Her painting also lead her to meet her most admired artist, Dick Turner, who influenced her knowledge and style. Her goal is to take the ordinary and have others see and appreciate the beauty that was right in front of her.