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Ines Alvidres

Ines Alvidres was born and raised in Chihuahua City, Mexico. Ines moved to Beaumont in 2000 where she finished high school and went on to earn a drafting degree from Lamar Institute of Technology. She began to form friendships with a variety of passionate and talented local artists and musicians who helped awaken her own need to create and express the intense beauty she felt inside. These friendships guided her as she taught herself how to use different materials and mediums.

Patti Barras

Patti Barras-I am probably the only artist who can say...my first art teacher, who gave me private lessons, was named Sister Mary Baptist of Carmel (O'Carm). Yes, for eight years this beloved Nun (and what an artist) taught me basic technical skills in pencil, charcoal, pastels and oil painting. She taught me to appreciate the beauty in nature and all that surrounds me. She said, "An artist is truly blessed for she (or he), if looking intently, is able to see the Master Creator and the marvels of our universe." Thank you Sister!

Sheila Bergeaux

Sheila Bergeaux started painting in the 70's and joined local clubs and painted in classes with the best teachers in the area. She also has taken from some nationally known artists in workshops. About 8 years ago she started to work in watercolor and fell in love with the medium. Watercolor has to have more planning before you start to paint but it is really fun to work with. She paints a lot of flowers because she has worked in several flower shops and teachers are always saying paint what you know and she has studied flowers petal by petal.

Ed Carter

Ed Carter—I began taking art lessons from such talented artists as Cal Gaspard. I felt that I was not doing well enough, so quit taking the classes. About thirty years went by, and a friend came over one day and asked me to paint a scene appropriate for her beach cabin. That was the beginning of my painting again, and this time, as I progressed, I could see an improvement. I copy no one, but paint from photographs that others have taken and given permission for use. I paint whatever I feel like painting. As a result, I have won many ribbons in local art shows and I love painting.   

Dot Chauvin

Dot Chauvin- I have resided in Southeast Texas all my life. I express my thoughts, feeling, and what I see with every stroke of paint. When completing a piece I choose a scripture that reflects my inspirations for that painting. My work shows a love of nature that gravitates to realism with a palette of vibrant colors having evolved over the span of 30+ years. There is a sense of joy when someone looks at my paintings and says, “I feel like I have been there” or “that reminds me of when I went to grandma and grandpa’s house.” I want others to enjoy what God has allowed me to put down on canvas.

Susan Chu

Susan Chu was born in 1954 in Taiwan. She moved with her family to Tripoli Libya on the North African coast when she was 8, and then to Texas when she was 14. She has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas in Austin, a Master’s degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York. Susan and her husband Hsing-wei are both Lamar Cardinals, and she studied painting, graphics, and music in the College of Fine Arts. Susan and Hsing-wei reside in Beaumont and have two children, Katherine and Will.