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We have made some changes on our website.  Texas Artists Museum is a non-profit organization that is focused on promoting artists and their work. Our New Concept Gallery presents 32 artists with over 200 pieces of beautiful art. The pieces will be changed every three months presenting a new look for visitors. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.  Check back later for new updates; there is much more to come. We hope that the information provided on our website will entice you to visit us in person and perhaps purchase some art for your home or office.

Plea for Help from Harvey

As most of you know TAMS had 2 to 3 foot of water in the entire building. As a result TAMS has to rebuild. WE need donations of any amount to help us rebuild. WE lost all our tables, chairs, and office equipment. The building needs new floor,and sheet rock.
WE are waiting on a bid to see if we can start the rebuild.
Our funds are very low and any donation will be used to help.

Artists are listed in alphabetical order.
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                           All artists featured in foyer first quarter of 2017


Ines Alvidres

Patti Barras

Sheila Bergeaux

Ed Carter
Dot Chauvin
Susan Chu
Fronnie LeBlanc
Deborah Mahan
    Wanda Mitchell
Dana Mouton
        Shirley Peel
    Rosie Crenshaw
   Barbara Fregia

Darlyne Hartman

Barbara Haviland
Mary F Hampton

Arnie Hernandez
Ann Hoffpauir

   Iwona Jankowski 
   Nadine K
   Elaine Leblanc
      Robyna Prescott
      Shirley Rappaport
      Lana Pritchett   

Liz Tomlinson

Sandy Withrow 

             Selena Thierry     Elizabeth Balsano
             Jolene LeMaire    Kathleen Black