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  Artist  Pre-Z

                                    Robyna Prescott

Robyna Prescott-Some of us were “born artists” or born with a crayon clutched in our chubby little fingers. I started drawing and painting early, was active in our art club in high school (president) and in Lamar University, and have always found drawing and painting among my favorite activities. Some of us have a need to paint, to produce art, whether or not anyone else ever sees it. The act of painting is full-filling. It is just a part of who we are. I am happy to be working among a group of people who love the practice of creation art. This is something that can be practiced alone or in a group, but doing art always brings focus, peace and joy to my life.

                                    Shirley Rappaport     
Shirley Rappaport first started studying and painting in 2007 in her spare time and was mostly self-taught until she retired. Upon retiring in 2010 she pursued painting as if it were her next job and started studying and painting every moment possible. She has had great instructors in both Las Vegas and San Antonio.  She paints almost anything that inspires or amuses her from grandchildren to animals, flowers, trees and more. Most of her work is in oils but she has completed some pastel and charcoal pieces.

Kathryn Sanford

Kathryn Sanford -I love to take pictures of any and everything. If I had my way, I would have a camera in my hand all the time. One of my most favorite types of photography is Macro (close ups), where you can see so much more than the naked eye can see. I love being able to share what I see through the lens.


Jude Searl

Jude Searl -Jude is 3 years old, and was diagnosed with autism about  2 years ago. There was a long process of exploring different types of therapies for him to try at home. His grandmother one day decided to put a canvas and paints in front of him to see if he would be interested in painting .The outcome was truly incredible and inspiring. In one afternoon his grandmother had found a way for him to connect, as she also paints.  After that afternoon he took to painting with a passion. Through his paintings he had found his voice.  (All proceeds pay for his therapy)

Liz Tomlinson

Liz Tomlinson is an award winning Fine Art Photographer and Abstract Artist whose work reveals her ability to "see things differently".  Acrylic is her medium of choice and Intuitive Abstracts from a Spiritual perspective is her style. A Scripture verse becomes the theme of her painting while she works and the painting's name is revealed during the process. Liz is humbled to share her faith in her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through her work and gives Him "All the Glory" for this gift.


Jim (Doc) Weeks

Jim (Doc) Weeks - I have always been interested in woodworking.  After retiring from 39 years in education I began to pursue woodworking as a hobby.  I do not consider myself an artist but perhaps somewhat of a craftsman.  I make crosses from various woods such as Texas mesquite, Texas red and white cedar, cypress, and pine.  My crosses are very irregular since I try to follow the wood where it takes me. I also make coffee tables from the same woods, and custom  toy boxes for new babies. When I see a gnarled, knotted, piece of wood, I see and create unique crosses.


Sandy Withrow

Sandy Withrow always wanted to oil paint. I believe my desire stems from my need to capture that heart -thumping moment when I see something so moving or so beautiful that it can not be described otherwise . My opportunity to paint was long-coming as  I was a busy wife, mother and hairstylist with no time to  pursue painting . I retired in 2008 to care for my ailing mother and in a short time my ailing husband. I began to paint and this has become as necessary to me as the air I breathe. I thank God  for the minds eye and this burning desire to be the best artist I can be.