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Additional Artists
Selena M. Slaughter-Thierry


Selena Slaughter-Thierry is a Texas transplant originally from California. She has been creating art all of her life. She enjoys working with acrylic paints, creating abstract and surrealistic rendering, as well as portraits, and monochromatic works. Thus she does collage work in fabric, paper and other materials. She also makes sewn creations and craft work. Pottery and wood work are also areas of interest. Variety sparks creativity for this artist. She uses any medium that seems interesting at the moment. Selena is a photographer. For many years she acted as her families photographer, as her interest grew, she studied photography under the renown photographer Keith Carter at Lamar University. She is skilled in the darkroom, as well as, creative photography or artistic photography.More information on this artist can be found at Inceptions of Design by visiting  www.inceptionsofdesign.info or call (409) 543-5273.

  Jolene   LeMaire

Jolene LeMaire graduated from Lamar University with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and certified in Special Education, Kindergarten and Art.  She taught at Port Neches Middle School for 32 years and now has the time to devote time to painting. She took private art lesson first from Mrs. Landry, then Mrs. Vivian and now from Barbara Haviland. She works mainly in oils and expresses her artistic thoughts to include a variety of subject matter from animals, birds, and even whimsical children’s topics. Painting brings out her desire to capture a subject and turn it into her interpretation.

                                  Kathleen Black